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jack and elsa by Appleonz jack and elsa :iconappleonz:Appleonz 609 29 Howl and Calcifer by RaynerAlencar Howl and Calcifer :iconrayneralencar:RaynerAlencar 3,554 366 Avatar: Legend of Borra by Hubedihubbe Avatar: Legend of Borra :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 821 60
Borra: Dancin' Away with My Heart
-I am feeling the need for a flash back...This is going to take place at the Korra Party that took place in episode four from Bolin's POV. -
I walked threw the doors with my brother and the Sato family, dressed up in cloths I knew we could never really afford. I looked threw the crowd until my eye's feel on her. She looked so beautiful, this was the first time I had ever seen her long brown hair flowing down. She was in a blue dress that I never thought she would wear (seemed she was too tom-boyish for something like that). Regardless, she out shown any other person in the room. Her eye's met mine with a smile then met my brothers with a look of sadness that quickly changed to frustration. I just wanted to tell her about us being able to play in the championship and hope that would make her smile again.
We all walked up to her and told her the good news but all she was worried about was the girl draped over my brother's right arm, it was as if nothing at that moment mattered
:iconwtrtrbegrl:wtrtrbegrl 14 5
Borra: An Unfair Match
Here is my own little story on the Pro-Bending final! (For this one I want to pretend that Korra and Bolin are not together, I mightttt make something happen between them but I want to stick along the story line from episode 5)
Setting: The Arena (duh)
POV: Korra
I had arrived to the arena about an hour before the match would start to get in a quick practice with my team. Bolin's shoulder had pretty much heeled and he was back in the swing of things. We knew the Wolfbats where going to be a hard team to beat and I still had my suspicions about them after seeing how quickly they defeated their other teams. I didn't know what to expect from them but I had to keep a very open mind.
Walking into the gym I saw Bolin hurling a few discs but no Mako. "Hey, Bo." I said from across the room, throwing an arm up to wave at him. He waved back and gave me his usual Bolin smile. I was so happy that despite the things that had happened, he was able to look past everything and still call me a friend,
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Borra: Meet the Parents pt 2
- Meet the Parents Pt 2 -
Korra's mom started going through all of her husbands old parkas that he must not use anymore.
"Ah ha!" She exclaimed, "This one should work quite nicely. It even has some green trim in it." she handed me the parka along with a pair of boots.
"I cannot thank you enough ma'am." I told her accepting the things.
"Please, no ma'am." she said laughing. It was the same laugh her daughter had. "Call me Senna and my husband is Tonraq. You can change in Korra's room if you like, it is the door on the left."
"Thank you, Senna." I said as I walked to the door.
There was no doubt this was Korra's room. Things where thrown about every where. Old photo's lined her dresser, and I can't really explain it but it felt just like her. I put on the parka which I expected to swim in seeing how tall and build her father is but it must have been an older one because it fit me rather well.
"Well, what do you think?" I asked Korra as I walked out of her room. She was the only one still
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Borra: Home
Well. This one is in the way future and starts with Korra beening back in the Water Tribe (the intro will explain). It goes back and forth between her and Bolin because well, I really didn't want to right two stories that I could just put into one. :)
It had been about a month after Amon had been defeated, Korra helped both of the boy's move into their new apartments before she herself headed back home to the southern water tribe. They finally bought new homes with the money they had won in the pro bending match, Asami now permanently living with Mako and Bolin in the apartment just next door (he couldn't bare to leave his brother). Of coarse he ask Korra to live with him but with her heart filled with sadness she knew she had been gone from home for way to long and Bolin understood. With the two of them unsure how they would see each other they both regrettable decided that they should break up. Both of them were heart broken over it and ended up crying in each other's arms yet they s
:iconwtrtrbegrl:wtrtrbegrl 20 13
Borra: Welcome Home
- Korra is back in Republic City and this is her welcome home! -
- Korra. -
Bolin and I laid curled up in my bed for a while before we decided to go out and greet everyone.
"So, what made you come here?" I asked as I ran my fingers through his messy black hair.
"I wasn't happy. Then these two sweet air bender girls made me do something about it." he said running his hand down my side, tracing my curves.
"I need to thank them when I get back." I said with a laugh.
"Well what about you. You wanted to come back to the city? I thought you missed it here so much."
"You're right. Once I got here though I realized just how much I missed everything. The fast pace life, the never ending sounds, the people." I said putting my hand on his cheek.
"Sounds like I can start calling you City Girl now." he said joking at my nick name for him.
"If you want, but you are always going to be my City Boy."
My final day in the Water Tribe had come to an end. It was full of tears, laughs, hugs, and smiles. My
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Borra: Thunder
This one is for Isviolin. The prompt is -There was a really big thunderstorm in my area last night, and i was thinking, what if Bolin hated the sound of thunder (cause my brother hates it and he's 15!) and mako stayed over at Asami's place because the storm was so bad, and korra was stuck with bolin.-
I am going to write it from the mind of Bo.
Even if Mako and I couldn't see it yet, there was a storm coming, a big one too. Pabu always got really skittish way before a storm would come, he was sort of our warning system.
I noticed Pabu's weird actions and felt myself get worried. "So, hey, Mako. Are you still going to this banquet thing at Asami's?" I asked trying to sound so casual.
"What do you think I am wearing this for?" he said motioning to his fancy dress cloths. Mako didn't care for them too much but as long as Asami didn't touch the scarf, he was okay.
"For kicks?" I tried. It was on top of my Worlds WORST Comeback's List.
"What's up, Bolin?" Mako asked noticing my lack of scar
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Borra: My Fault
Alrightly peoples. I am going back in time here from the last few I have written. This one is going to take place from Korra's POV and it is going to be just a few days after they decided to come out in the open with their relationship.
Tenzin and Pema (well more Pema than Tenzin really) wanted to take Bolin and I out to celebrate us getting together. We were shy about it at first but decided if it really meant that much to them (her) that we would gladly go. They decided to take us to a really high class restaurant, Bolin had said something about how he thought it was the one that Asami took Mako to one their first date.
I greeted the knocking at my door with a warm smile. Bolin stood there with a bouquet of pink flowers that almost matched the color of his cheeks when he saw me in a dress.
" look amazing." he said still blushing.
"You don't look so bad yourself." I told him kissing his cheek to bring him back to reality.
He laughed it off and put one hand on the back of hi
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Borra: Kisses and Noodles
The Prompt By - Zeezeepearl: I've always thought that in episode five, if Mako hadn't been where he was at the time, Bolin would have given Korra the flowers. And then, he might have tried to kiss her, and she might have just kissed him back.
And then Mako would walk in on them and freak out and have epic noodle hangover.
I am going to write it from Bolin's POV and clearly Bolin and Korra will not be dating yet...
I had an amazing date with Korra just last night and you can say winning the match put me in a great, positive mood. I left the arena in search of some flowers, I didn't really know if Korra would like flowers but she seemed to like my rose enough. I didn't have to walk too far to find a little old lady selling bouquets in all different colors.
"My I help you find something?" she asked seeing me eyeing everything over.
"I really like this girl and I think she likes me too but it isn't for sure but I really wanna get her some flowers..." I said hoping she understood.
She walke
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Borra: New Skill
Starts off in the boy's attic and then moves onward. This one is going to be two stories in one, one will be from Korra and the other from Bolin.
It was the morning after the arena had be blown up. Lucky for my brother and I, the explosion didn't reach our attic so our home was just the way we left it. I woke up way before my brother, got myself dressed, and scribbled him a quick note telling him not to worry and I would be back before the end of the day if not sooner.
I decided that with all of this Amon stuff getting really heated, I wanted to do what ever I could to protect myself and the ones I care about, I was going to ask Lin Bei Fong if she would teach me to Metal Bend.
"Chief Bei Fong?" I asked seeing the door to her office nudge open a crack.
"Come in." she said in a cool voice.
"I, er, don't know if you remember me but, uh, I was on..." I muttered out.
"You are a team mate of Korra's, yes, I know." she said turning to face me, "What can I do for you?"
I folded my han
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Borra: Late Night Training
If you read Borra: A Start, please disregard it for this story. I wanted to write something new and needed to give myself a clean slate. This one is from Bolin's POV and is a the arena sometime between the Mako/Korra kiss and the final match, just so you have a time frame.
It was late and I couldn't sleep well plus I kept hearing sounds from in the gym. I got myself out of bed and pulled on my sweat pants then took a quick look around the attic only to find my brother was no where in the attic. This meant either A: He was the one causing all the noise down stairs or B: his date with Asami was going REALLY good. I walked out of the attic and made my way to the gym.
As I got closer the sounds became louder, I could hear clay discs breaking which made me think that it might not have been Mako. Just as I crossed in front of the open door way a stream of fire was shot right in my direction. I drew up a pillar of earth to shield myself, "What the hell, Bro!?" I called.
"Bolin! I am so sorry!
:iconwtrtrbegrl:wtrtrbegrl 14 20
Borra: One of a Kind
Heyyy. Sorry I am late a day but yesterday was just so busy! Okay but this one is going to be from Korra's POV and starts in the air temple.
"Korra, you need more force on your spin, then you should get it." Tenzin said.
It was a late night practice for me and I was trying to get the hang of this air funnel move. I was only able to get about two feet off the ground when I should be able to go about ten. I readjusted my feet, exhaled, and kept my hands low as I started my spin. I felt myself lifting off the ground faster than the last few times I tired the move.
"Bolin, she still has ten more minutes to practice." Tenzin was saying from the ground.
I lost all concentration I had at the sound of his name, I turned my head and ended up crashing to the ground, hard. Both Tenzin and Bolin made a scrunched up 'ouch' face as I started to stand up rubbing my back side.
"Ha, I'm okay." I said waving to them.
"Okay Korra, this is going to be the last try for the day. Shut everything out and focu
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Borra: A Sick Day
Even the Avatar gets sick and needs some rest and when that rest involves her boyfriend, well, it can't be all bad. :) Starting off in Repulic City from Bolin's POV.
It was late and the raid had finally ended. Korra and I were heading back to the Air Temple in the pouring down rain. We both were beyond exhausted and sore from the fight. I could feel something out of place in my left arm and I just knew a large bruise was forming on top of my rib cage. Korra was too busy fighting off an Equalist that she didn't see the blow coming, so I took the shot. I did my best to not think about the pain as we headed back, instead, I set my eye's on Korra.
Her hair was all pulled back besides a few strands that had broke free in the fight. She was dressed head to toe in black. Her blue eye's shown brightly and almost distracted you from the cut she had on her right cheek. It was from a lucky shot and Equalist got before becoming frozen to a wall. Despite how tired we were, we ran all the way to th
:iconwtrtrbegrl:wtrtrbegrl 6 10
Borra: The Art of Being Careful
Okay, back story. Everyone is living at the Air Temple and Korra is just having a hard time dealing with everything going on in her life so Bolin decides it is time for her to get out of the house. This starts on the island and takes place from Bolin's POV.
We made it across the water with minimal amounts of her splashing about, I didn't even care that it was cold out and I was wet, all that mattered was Korra was smiling again! Once at the diner, I ordered us a large plate of dumplings. I planned on eating a few but I knew Korra hadn't been eating like normal so I figured she would be pretty hungry. I sat the steaming plate down at our table for two and watched her bright blue eye's grow.
"Dig in." I told her taking my seat.
She took one and shoved the whole thing into her mouth, I just smiled grabbing one for myself. She made an 'ummmmm' sound as she chewed. Finishing that one and grabbing herself another she asked, "So since I have been out of the loop, how are things with your brot
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